“The PTA Journey”


The PTA Journey

by Kristine Pagsuyoin

Recently, the Lakewood Council of PTA executive committee met to determine goals for the 2014-2015 school year.  It has become clear, for PTA to be able to continue to serve our schools and larger Lakewood community, we must make membership the top priority. We all know that we no longer can be satisfied with sending out a form in August and expect that parents will just signup to be a part of our PTAS.  Today’s families are very busy and it is the job of all of us–not just membership chairs to reach out to each and every person in our school community.  We must remain open and welcoming, be willing to meet our parents and teachers where they are, and we must remain relevant.  Having an effective membership campaign is one way to support and help us all reach out to potential new members.

Originally, we had created a membership contest that would give each unit the opportunity to think of a theme with a display that would work for all the Lakewood units– from LECPTA to LHS.  After receiving some feedback, we decided to change the contest slightly. We are now  providing the theme, “The PTA Journey” as a jumping off point for everyone to create a campaign that most represents “The PTA Journey” for their unit.  As I look back at the many years of service to PTA, I realize how much things change from year to year.  Many of us started when are kids were very small and now as we approach life with high-schoolers the PTA experience will change again.  Sometimes “The PTA Journey” will change during the school year for volunteers as a result of job losses or gains, illness, a new baby, or a move to a new school.  There are peaks and valleys as a volunteer–and that’s okay.  It is how we meet these challenges that are important.  We must be accepting and ready for volunteers who one day were in the school full-time who may now only able to bake on occasion.  “The PTA Journey” is unique to each volunteer, and yet, we can still all work with one voice for every child.

The winner of the PTA Council Membership Contest, “The PTA Journey”, will still win $100 for their unit, a basket of PTA swag to be used and incentives or gifts, and the application for the Ohio PTA Bronze Membership Award will be submitted by Council on their behalf. Have fun!!


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