Reflections Winners

The following is a list of the 24 pieces that were chosen to be submitted to the state competition. Congratulations to all of you for your achievement and best of luck to you as your pieces are judged in Columbus.

In the category of Music we recognize:

Audrey Stahl Harding Soaring Through the Clouds
Marianna Stockman Harding Man On the Moon
Greg Watson LHS PTA Tigrynoch’

In the Category of Film Production we recognize:

Julia Neff LHS PTA A Look Back at Lincoln

In the category of Photography we recognize:

Cameron Levis Harding Standing Out

Timothy Daso Harding Taking the First Step
Nava Rammazanali Harding A Musicians Point of View
Abe Dalisky Harding Feet Forward

In the category of Literature we recognize:

Lindy Warren Harding Believe, Dream, Inspire…Do!
Alyssa Belko Harding A Puzzle

Elizabeth Shuga Garfield Middle School PTSA Wishing Stars

Kathryn Oleksa Garfield Middle School PTSA In Few Words

In the category of Visual Arts we recognize: 

Camden Fegely Horace Mann Elementary Bug’s Dream
Mitch Bjorn Horace Mann Elementary Squirrel playing basketball
Seta Nagbe Garfield Middle School PTSA Inspiration Collage
Max DeLuca Grant Elementary !Time Traveler!
Baird Bracken Grant Elementary The Castle of Dreams
Calvin Dolatowski Harding Color
Audrey Pae Harding Colors of Imagination
Sophia Kilgallon LHS PTA Pinial
Bryce Sandoval Lincoln red sky at night, sailor’s delight
Sarah Neff LHS PTA Malala
Dameyan Chambers LHS PTA Visualize
Hayden Bish LHS PTA I Dream of Metal Rabbits


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