Lakewood Council of PTAs Minutes, January 2014

Call to Order – 7:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Signed into Book – Quorum Met

Approval of Minutes


Administration Reports

Board Report – No Report

Superintendent’s Report

  • Snow Days – Calling off school for weather is always a tough decision.  The Superintendent makes the final call after consulting with Accuweather and local administrators on site.  The community needs to do their part by keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice.
  • Building Transition – Selecting Owner’s Agent and then Construction Management. The 3 elementary schools will be rebuilt during the first phase. The high school in the 2nd Phase.  The state is involved with decision making which slows the process down.  Meetings will be held with teachers and the community in the spring.  Elementary schools will be vacated at the end of the school year.  The transition plan will be recommended and voted on at the next School Board meeting. January 31, 2014 at Garfield.

High School Report – Attached

Middle School Report – Attached

Elementary School Report

  • OTELA Test next week for E.L.L. students K-12.
  • DIEBELS in 2 weeks. K-5 / 2nd benchmarking of the year
  • Fall OAA reading scores are in.
  • DARE still ongoing in the schools. Basketball tournament in spring.
  • Project More has begun in most of the schools.  Still looking for tutors. 


Early Childhood Report – An advertisement for Pre-K has been published in the Lakewood Recreation Pamphlet.



Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission – April Stoltz

Volunteers appointed by city council. Host 3 main events.

1. Diversity Potluck, January 23rd.  Donations will be made from restaurants & families bring a dish from their culture.  All are welcome.

2. Community Conversation Upstanders –“ Join us for a community conversation with a local coach, counselor, community member and student and learn about how they have taken steps to create social change. “ Co-Hosted with H2O 360

3. Welcome to Lakewood –“ This event is designed to welcome new residents to the community and to assist anyone looking for additional opportunities to make connections within the community.  Welcome to Lakewood is a fun, new event where residents can learn more about local civic organizations, services and ways to get involved in Lakewood.”


Ohio PTA Day with the Cavs, January 20th – Flyer Attached


From the Floor

  • PTA/PTSA Middle School/High School Mixer – 1/30 7 pm Jammy Buggars.  Appetizers provided. Cash bar.




Executive Committee

Treasurer’s Report – Attached



  • PTA Fieldtrips
  • First Outing January 28th, Noon, at Ranger Café
  • April 6th, 3pm, “The Night Mother” at Beck Center (Group Rates Available) followed by discussion on mental health issues in our community (Sponsored by the Lakewood Family Collab, Beck Center, Nami). Group rates offered. 
  • Other ideas?  First Ladies Library, Canton, OH, Museum, Evening in February?
  • The Job of a Delegate
  • Bylaws & Maintaining “Good Standing” Status – All units currently in Good Standing – Next Year current By-Laws must be in place to retain status.
  • Fundraising Roundtable Discussion, March 5th 6pm-7pm (before General Council Meeting)
  • General Meeting, March 5th—Last one before Installation.
  • Bronze Membership Award, February 1st
  • April Program possibly Race to Nowhere, or Meet Your Public Officials/Mixer. Thoughts?
  • Council Training (January 25th) 10-4, Columbus, OH carpool forming, Convention (April 25-27) Columbus, OH Double Tree 2 for 1 registration this year.
  • Goal Assessment & Issues Survey (March)
  • Council attend Unit Meetings


First Vice President

  • Installation, May 7th at Ranger Cafe


Second Vice President

  • Reminder: All units’ nominations for the Educator of the Year and Helping Hands Awards are due to Council by February 1st.  We then have to make our selections and pass them along to District 11. The District will then pass their final selections on to Ohio PTA by March 1st.
  • Ohio PTA does offer other awards, if anyone is interested:  School Nurse Award, Ohio PTA Achievement Award, Ohio PTA Advocacy Award, President’s Bronze Membership Award, and Ohio PTA Family-School Partnership Award. I’ve included the applications if anyone is interested in looking over them.
  • I’m looking into Ohio PTA’s selection of workshops for our June 4th meeting, which include team building, council training and many others.


Recording Secretary

  • Hours were not reported this month as most units did not hold December meetings.


Corresponding Secretary

  • Directory—Any changes  should be submitted regularly


Standing Committees

Ways and Means

  • Julie Derrick is staying on for next year.



  • Discussed Resolution to Increase Parent Involvement in the Lakewood City Schools

In the 2002 research review A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement, Anne T. Henderson and Karen L. Mapp conclude that there is a positive and convincing relationship between family involvement and student success, regardless of race/ethnicity, class, or parents’ level of education. To put it another way, when families are involved in their children’s learning both at home and at school, their children do better in school.

The findings presented by Henderson and Mapp provide a framework for strengthening parent/family involvement programs. PTA, working with leading experts on parent involvement and school-community partnerships, has updated its National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs to reflect recent research and improve parent and community involvement practices. The updated National Standards shift the focus from what schools should do to involve parents to what parents, schools, and communities can do together to support student success. To reflect this change, the standards have been renamed the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Furthermore, as required by the State of Ohio, the Lakewood Board of Education has adopted a parental involvement policy for the Lakewood City Schools Parent Involvement in the School Program (2111). 

The PTA National Standard for Family-School Partnerships and board policy Parent Involvement in the School Program provide a solid foundation for continuing to increase parent involvement in the Lakewood City Schools by providing opportunities for day and evening involvement and building collaboration with parents to determine best practices for accessing buildings and volunteering during the day. 

Whereas, It is the role of the Lakewood Council of PTAs to encourage parental involvement, an essential part of the PTA mission, by promoting an environment in which parents are valued as primary influences in their children’s lives and essential partners in their children’s education and development; and

Whereas, Increasingly, parents are not home during the day for a variety of reasons and so programming and opportunities for involvement should be offered in the evenings as well as during regular school hours; and

Whereas, Children whose parents are advocates for them at school are more confident at school and take on and achieve more. The more families advocate for their children and support their children’s progress, the longer their children stay in school and the better their children do; and

Whereas, It is recognized that each building in the Lakewood City Schools has its own set of challenges in providing security and access to the building during regular school hours during the day.  However, consistency among buildings in regard to security, and access to volunteer, schedule appointments, or to communicate the immediate needs of a child would benefit parents as many families have children attending multiple buildings; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Lakewood Council of PTAs and its constituent organizations advocate for models of site-based decision making which provide for equitable participation among parents, students, community members, principals, teachers, and other staff and which promote an environment in which parents are valued as essential partners in their children’s education and development; and be it further

Resolved, That opportunities for parent involvement be offered in the evenings in addition to during regular school hours during the day, that parents are engaged in forming building policies in regard to volunteering and accessing buildings during regular school hours during the day, and that consistency among  buildings in regard to security and accessibility be maintained whenever possible.  


  • Motion to Adopt the Resolution made by Deb Sweeney.  Seconded by Cindy Peck.  Vote – None Against.  Passed in the Affirmative.


Health and Safety – No Report



  • Reflections Recognition & Award Ceremony, Wednesday, January 22nd, 7pm at the Civic Auditorium


Scholarships – No Report


Special Committees

  • Nominating Committee – JoAnne Schwark – Many open positions for next year.  President, President Elect, Treasurer, 1st VP, Recording Secretary.  Please nominate and promote.


New Business

  • From the Floor – Discussion regarding communication and programs for Parents with Children with Disabilities. 


Old Business (Reminders)

  • February 5th, Regular Council Meeting, 7pm, Board Auditorium


Meeting Adjourned – 8:37 pm



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