Fundraising in the 21st Century

Fundraising in the 21st Century

by Kristine Pagsuyoin, Council President

     Fundraising in the 21st Century
     Wednesday, March 5th, 5:45p,-7pm
     BOE Auditorium (before General Meeting)

Over the last several years PTA, and other organizations that support students and schools, have struggled to maintain fundraising goals needed to provide programs or services that greatly benefit the school community.  As school districts around the state are being asked to cut budgets and make sacrifices it falls more heavily upon volunteer organizations to fill in the gaps with their own resources.  Although, parent organizations are happy to do all they can to support students and schools the reality is that families are being asked several times during the school year to support fundraisers.  Some families would love to support, but their household budget just doesn’t allow them to contribute while others are faced with so many fundraising campaigns that they must make tough choices. These choices may result in a reduction of what they can give to each campaign, or provide no gift at all. So often, this leads to organizations doing more fundraisers to make up the difference or the decision to not offer certain programs or services.  Eventually, this takes a toll on volunteers, the organizations, and the parents who are being asked over and over again to contribute.

So, what can leaders of volunteer organizations do?  

The Lakewood Council of PTAs is hosting a round table discussion to talk about fundraising in the 21st century.  The whole dynamic of volunteer organizations and family roles have changed a lot over that last 20 years which effects fundraising and how volunteer organizations support their schools. We will discuss some of the challenges that organizations face raising money, offer dialogue on planning fundraisers that are well thought-out and meaningful, and will explore creative or alternative ways money can be raised without competing with other organizations. Now is a great time to discuss and think about fundraising for next year.

Questions to Consider When Developing Fundraising Strategies


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