September 2013 Minutes

PTA Council Notes – General Meeting September 4, 2013

Called to Order: 7:02 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Taken by signing in the book

Introductions: Everyone there introduced themselves (names, position, etc.)

Opening statements: Kristine Pagsuyuoin

Reports of Administration

Board report: No Report

Superintendent’s report: (given by Christine Palumbo, Director of Student Services)-update on

InfoSnap…first year using the system, trying to be more environmentally friendly, working out the kinks

At this point, Kristine realized that she forgot to include the election of 2nd

secretary on the agenda, so we needed a motion to amend the agenda. Motion by Katie Cooper,

Council Treasurer: I move that the agenda be amended by adding to the new business section “election

of Council 2nd

Legislation chair. Motion passes

High School: No Report

Middle School: Joe Niemantsverdriet, Harding principal…beginning of school year going well at both

middle schools; Garfield and Harding will not be playing each other in football this year

Elementary School: Merritt Waters, Horace Mann principal…assessments of 5th

instruments, Instruments on Parade is coming up; update on DIBELS…given 3x/year to all K-5 students,

tutoring staff heavily involved, purpose is to find students most in need of intervention, tutoring to

begin 9/23; Sandy Kozelka, Lincoln principal…Lakewood is a project school system for Writer’s Workshop

through Teacher’s College of Columbia University, different way of teaching writing to students, all

teachers received training; all teachers also received training in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in

Mathematics, different way of teaching math

Early Childhood: No Report


V.P. and corresponding secretary.” Seconded by Deb Sweeney, Council Advocacy/

• From the floor-Tracey Logan, Garfield PTSA president…Garfield is having a mixed bag

fundraiser if anyone is interested; Garfield’s 2nd

• Christina McCallum, Garfield Council Delegate…if any unit is interested in having

a speaker about the bond issue on the Nov. ballot at one of their meetings, talk to


• Lisa Majeski, Lincoln Co-President…Lincoln’s 100th

open house on 10/16

• Lakewood Division of Aging in desperate need of volunteers for meal deliveries

• Community Festival 9/7…Harrison PTA will have a table there

• Community meeting 9/11…district update, information about the bond issue

• Father walk 9/19 I

• It Can Wait! 9/19…drive for pledges online to not text and drive

• H20 fundraiser 9/26…Happy Hour Spa Night 7-10pm (I don’t know where, though!)

• Please update pages on district website

• Honor Project Trust-each PTA can register and apply for grants

• Kiwanis-Kristine spoke about PTA, they were very interested in partnering with PTA, not

just council but individual units, too

• New Ohio PTA login: OurSymphony, PTA2013

Officer’s Reports

Treasurer’s Report: Attached

• Motion by Katie Cooper: I move to accept the proposed 2013-2014 budget. Seconded by

Tracey Logan. Motion passes.

First Vice President Report: Attached

• Motion by Cindy Peck, Harrison PTA interim president: I move that we elect Jenny Beno

as 2nd

V.P. on council and Joanne Schwark as corresponding secretary. Seconded by

Katie Cooper. Motion passes.

Second Vice President’s Report: Attached

Recording Secretary: Attached

Corresponding Secretary: Joanne read 3 pieces of correspondence; she is working on the PTA directory,

looking over the social media policy

Standing Committees

Advocacy/Legislation: Deb Sweeney read through the Resolution to Support the Bond Issue and

Maintenance Levy (attached to agenda), much discussion

• Motion #1 by Katie Cooper: I move that we amend the resolution in the final sentence

to strike “units” and replace with “unit representatives.” Seconded by Christina

McCallum. Motion passes.

• Motion #2 by Matt Markling, Council Delegate from Grant: I move that we strike

“equipped with the latest technology.” Seconded by Christina McCallum. Motion passes.

• Motion #3 by Cindy Peck: I move that we vote on the resolution. Seconded by Matt

Markling. Motion passes.

Reminder from Deb that units cannot endorse individual candidates

• Health & Safety-no report

• Parliamentarian-on agenda

• Reflections-on agenda

• Scholarships-no report

• Ways & Means-no report

Special Committees

Audit Committee: (Katie Cooper, Maria Shinn, Katrina Holmes)-report attached

• Motion by Christina McCallum: I make a motion to accept the Audit Committee Report

presented by Maria Shinn. Seconded by Matt Markling. Motion passes.

New Business

Deb Sweeney and Matt Markling to serve on special committee to draft president-elect duties.

Meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.


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