November Minutes

PTA Council Notes – General Meeting

November 6, 2013

Called to Order: 7:08 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Signed into Book – Quorum Met


Administration Reports

Board – No Report

Superintendent Report – Given by Kevin Bright, Assistant Superintendent

• Thrilled with Issue 84 passing. 2 Levies passed in 7 months. One by 69% , the other by 70%.

• Ohio Facility Commission is our partner since they are contributing 50 million to the project.

Select a Construction Management Company, Architect, Demolition, Construction. Plan to have

all hired by February.

• Work with staff and community on building ideas.

• Currently developing a transition plan for where students will attend during construction. Taft

and Franklin are options. In discussions with local Catholic schools and United Methodist.

• Working to keep student groups together during move. And in a reasonable walking distance.

Busing is not being considered.

• Target Timeline. Elementary students will be in transition schools for the 2014/2015 and 2015/

2016 school years. Will begin in new schools in Fall 2016. High school will be complete in

Winter 2017.

High School Report – Attached

Middle School Report – No Report

Elementary Report – No Report

Early Childhood Report – No Report – A representative will begin attending meetings next month.


• 12/4 – Common Core meeting at 6 pm in Garfield Cafeteria. Will attempt to move the next

council meeting that occurs on the same evening at 7 pm to Garfield so that members may

attend both meetings if they wish. More information will be communicated via Email.

• 11/19 – Deb Sweeny will host a meeting in her home to Advocate Parent Involvement. This

is not an official PTA event. 1587 Woodward. Overflow parking available at Harding Middle


• This is Market Days Pie month. Consider purchasing from one of the schools programs.

• Kiwanis is eager to attend unit meetings. Please contact if interested.

• Rachel, President of Grant PTA, would like Lakewood PTAs to consider coming together to break

a World Record. Open to ideas of what this event would be. Would take place next spring.

Please go back to units to gage interest. Next step would be to form a committee.

Volunteer of the Month – 4 schools reported hours. Horace Mann, Grant, Harding, Roosevelt.

Winner – Erin Dohar, Corresponding Secretary at Roosevelt. $25 Gift Certificate to Sweet Designs

Treasurer’s Report – See Attached

Executive Committee


• Council E-Newsletter/Guidelines & Tips – Students may contribute. See attached flyer for


• Holiday Lights Contest & Winter Flower Sale-See attached flyer. Music boosters is only selling

flowers at concert from stage. No pre-sale orders. We will not be competing. This is the first

year of fundraising in the last 8 for the PTA Council. Necessary to keep scholarship fund strong.

PTA Council Unit has a goal of selling 50 plants.

• Conflict of Interest Policy –More details TBD.

• Attending Unit Meetings-Council representatives will continue to attend meetings to build


• Nomination Forms for Council – See attached Form. Nominations for next year must be

submitted by January 8th

• Updated Bylaws will be emailed after tonight’s vote

• Grant PTA: Assemblies – Rachel explained that there is a Chair Person specifically for

Assemblies. $3600 budget. Examples; COSI is scheduled 1st

School (magician, CAVs.) Anti-Bullying. Authors. Units should feel free to contact Rachel for

contacts and recommendations.

First Vice President

Installation Committee (May 2014) Sign Up Sheet passed

Schools in Cinema – See Attached Flyer

Second Vice President

• Educator of the Year/Helping Hands – See Attached Guidelines & Requirements


o At May Installation will recognize 1 teacher per grade level. Nomination committee will

be formed in January.

Recording Secretary – No Report

Corresponding Secretary –

• Discussed Sympathy cards being sent.

• Social Media Policy is in the process of being written. Anyone interested in participating should

let Joanne know.

Standing Committees

Ways & Means

• Thank you Julie Derrick for July 4th

• Holiday Fundraisers and Light Up Lakewood – See attached.

Advocacy/Legislation – No Report

Health & Safety –

• All units (except Roosevelt & Harrison) have been visited to talk about offering CPR/AED

training. Training is open to anyone 4th

and she is happy to schedule more. 240 were trained in the district last year – many of those


• Currently working on emergency action plans for each school.

Parliamentarian – No Report


• Be sure your submissions adhere to strict guidelines

• Input submissions Online – Chair of each unit responsible.

• If anyone is interested in taking this chair position next year Heidi recommends that they attend

the ceremony so that they are familiar with the process for next year.

• A speaker is still needed for this year’s ceremony. The owner/designer at GV was suggested.

• Judges are needed for the final 24 submissions to state.

• Grant is holding 3 workshops and is inviting students from schools who are not hosting

workshops. 11/12-Visual Arts, 11/14-Photography, 11/19-Literature

Scholarships – No Report

Special Committees

• A Motion was made by Cindy Peck to accept the Nominating Committee Appointees. Seconded

by Lisa Majeski. Motion voted and Approved. Nominating Committee Appointed –Deb Sweeny,

Jenny Beno, JoAnne Schwark. Accepting nominations for positions now through end of January.

Slate is Proposed at February meeting. Election in March.

• Proposed Amendment to PTA Bylaws discussed. Some were concerned that (g.) is too specific

and may discourage those without craft skills from taking the position. A motion was made by

Maria to Accept the Amendment with omitting (g.). Cindy Peck 2nds the motion. Vote is taken

and approved in the affirmative.

Amendment to Lakewood Council of PTAS By-Laws adopted April 10, 2013

Section 2. The president-elect shall:

a. Act as aide(s) to the president;

b. In the order listed in Article VI, perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve;

*c. Perform duties prescribed by these bylaws, standing rules, and by the parliamentary authority adopted by this


Section 2. The president-elect shall:

a. Act as an aide(s) to the president;

b. In the order listed in Article VI, perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve; and

*c. Perform duties prescribed by these bylaws, standing rules, and by the parliamentary authority adopted by this council.

d. Serve a one year term during the final year of the current president’s term,

e. Coordinate the committee activities to compile the Welcome Packets between May and July, and distribute the

packets to the Superintendent and members of Board of Education as well as the Mayor and members of City Council in

September at their monthly meeting. Each member of Lakewood council of PTAs will also receive a copy of the packet.

[Rationale: this allows the president – elect to enhance PTA community relations with our elected members of the

f. Organize a committee for Lakewood community festival booths that Council determines appropriate,


g. Serve as Council Historian by combining pictures and/or words to capture a PTA moment from a unit or council event

in a unique form of expression to create a narrative. The anthology will be presented to the out-going president at


New Business

• December Meeting (Holiday Social) Possible venue change due to common core meeting on the

same night. See notes above. Will be a more social meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.


October Minutes

PTA Council Notes – Regular Meeting

October 2, 2013

Called to Order: 7:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Signed into Book


Administration Reports

Board – No Report

Superintendent Report – Given by Roxann Ramsey

• Meetings scheduled to discuss transitions in October at Grant, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

• 2 Merit Semi-Finalists. Top 10% PSAT scores.

• West Shore Mechanic Top 20

• DLT – Digital Literacy Teachers started

• Cardboard Challenge begins in Roosevelt

• Benchmarking of students K-12 has been completed

• See Attached Report Card Handout

High School – See attached

Middle School – No Report

Elementary Report –Sanda Kozelka – Principal, Lincoln


• 3

Grade attending Orchestra today and tomorrow

• Reading intervention is being provided at all elementary 40 minutes a day at their level


• 3

Grade OAA is Tuesday 10/8

• New teachers or re-assigned are receiving training. Continues this weekend.

• Full day meeting across grade levels. Gifted teachers meet during early release days.

• All Pro Dad meeting in many schools.

See attached – Merrit Waters – Principal, Horace Mann

Early Childhood PTA – Will be invited/included more consistently in future meetings to reach out to



Home Delivered Meals – Barry Wemyss

• Provide 110 meals a day to Home Bound Senior Citizens M-F. This service provides both

nutrition and human contact.

• They are in need of volunteers 1 hour per week to deliver in Lakewood. Service needed at

around 10:30-11.

• Group would like to visit unit meetings.

• Moms can deliver meals to group homes, etc. to avoid getting children in and out of the cars.

Lakewood Kiwanis – Tom McDonough

• Club has helped Lakewood in many ways in both service and goods. Has provided 1.8 million in


• Would like to participate in more volunteer opportunities with younger people. Project More

seems to be a good fit.

• Would like to visit units.

From the Floor

• Issue 84 Early Voting started today. Please vote Yes.

• Project More is in need of volunteers to read with students. 1-2 hours a week.

• PumpkinPalooza – Needs pumpkins decorated and scarecrows. The event is 10/16.

• 10/26 Lincoln Open House for 100 Year Anniversary Celebration

• 11/30 CAVs community night.

• Other Announcements included on Agenda

Recess Called: 7:57 pm – Guests not on PTA Council committee are invited to leave if they would like.

Everyone is welcome to stay.

Call to Order: 8:00 pm

Executive Committee Reports

Treasurer – Report Attached


ß Council E-Newsletter (November/December, November 1st

Rosters due by October 20th

from budget. Will streamline communications and remove burden from the Unit presidents

to forward relevant information. Can sign up from Facebook. Will provide links to all unit web


ß USB Drives will be used to pass along position documents.

ß November is a General Meeting 11/6 7 pm

ß Nominating Committees, Ed. Of Year/Awards, Vote on Amended Bylaws

ß Spotlight on Harrison Elementary meetings – Maria explained how they encourage participation

in the PTA. Consistent day and time. Provide babysitting from H2O. Tie to another event (ice

cream social, dinner, etc.) Welcome person at door. Welcome dads/grandparents as well as

moms. Officers wear shirts to identify themselves. Partner with ESL teachers to communicate

with parents.

First Vice President

ß All Pro Dad Update – Horace Mann in place. Units should help communicate program and

volunteer funds.

ß School in the Cinema, first movie October 24th

). Submissions and Membership

to Using Mail Chimp saved $250

Second Vice President

ß Please visit to activate your new membership card when you receive it.

ß Visit for details about all of your membership perks.

ß If you don’t have access to a computer, there is a phone number on the back of your card that

you can call to activate your card.

ß Please contact me with any questions or problems. My e-mail is

Recording Secretary

ß Council Volunteer of the Month Drawing – Charlotte Query from Horace Mann was the

recipient. $25 gift card for Jammy Buggars.

ß Collect Council Volunteer Hours

ß September 2013 Minutes approved.

Corresponding Secretary

• Facebook Policy for Council – Still determining which units have it. Who holds passwords, etc.

Reviewing Ohio and National policies. They are very generic.

• Shared a Thank You card from H2O.

Standing Committees

Health and Safety – Kathleen Corrigan

• Emails have been forwarded to all PTA/PTSA Presidents requesting an opportunity for the

Health, Welfare and Safety Chairperson to attend an upcoming meeting to present the

importance of CPR/AED training

o If you have not received an email or have not yet responded, please make contact with

Kathleen Corrigan, Health, Welfare and Safety Chairperson

• CPR/AED courses will be offer at each building based on interest

Advocacy/Legislation /Parliamentarian /Reflections/Scholarships – No Report

Ways and Means – Julie Derrik

ß Council Fundraising Ideas –

Poinsettia – Music Booster already does this every year but we feel there is room for more

holiday plant sales.

Holiday Light Contest-Registration Fee by residents/businesses.

Sell a product at Light Up Lakewood – Glow Sticks, Take orders or Holiday Plants.

Register for Costco? Decided not to purchase at this time. Use GFS.

Special Committees

ß President-elect Report to Amend Bylaws. Proposed copy distributed. Will be voted on

at November meeting.

Old Business

• PTA Directory – Please provide updates when necessary.

New Business

ß Contribution to Citizens for Lakewood’s Children to Support Issue 84. The pros and cons

were discussed.

The treasurer was concerned that we are already budgeting to lose money. Is it fiscally

responsible to donate more? We show support by encouraging our units to contribute,

setting up volunteers for phone banks, literature drops, distribute yard signs, etc.

Other views expressed. It is a good example to model contributing to fund. It only takes

a small amount to show our support.

Christina McCallum makes a motion to “Donate $25 to the Citizens of Lakewood

Children to support Issue 84.” Motion Seconded. Motion Approved in the affirmative.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:50 pm

September 2013 Minutes

PTA Council Notes – General Meeting September 4, 2013

Called to Order: 7:02 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Taken by signing in the book

Introductions: Everyone there introduced themselves (names, position, etc.)

Opening statements: Kristine Pagsuyuoin

Reports of Administration

Board report: No Report

Superintendent’s report: (given by Christine Palumbo, Director of Student Services)-update on

InfoSnap…first year using the system, trying to be more environmentally friendly, working out the kinks

At this point, Kristine realized that she forgot to include the election of 2nd

secretary on the agenda, so we needed a motion to amend the agenda. Motion by Katie Cooper,

Council Treasurer: I move that the agenda be amended by adding to the new business section “election

of Council 2nd

Legislation chair. Motion passes

High School: No Report

Middle School: Joe Niemantsverdriet, Harding principal…beginning of school year going well at both

middle schools; Garfield and Harding will not be playing each other in football this year

Elementary School: Merritt Waters, Horace Mann principal…assessments of 5th

instruments, Instruments on Parade is coming up; update on DIBELS…given 3x/year to all K-5 students,

tutoring staff heavily involved, purpose is to find students most in need of intervention, tutoring to

begin 9/23; Sandy Kozelka, Lincoln principal…Lakewood is a project school system for Writer’s Workshop

through Teacher’s College of Columbia University, different way of teaching writing to students, all

teachers received training; all teachers also received training in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in

Mathematics, different way of teaching math

Early Childhood: No Report


V.P. and corresponding secretary.” Seconded by Deb Sweeney, Council Advocacy/

• From the floor-Tracey Logan, Garfield PTSA president…Garfield is having a mixed bag

fundraiser if anyone is interested; Garfield’s 2nd

• Christina McCallum, Garfield Council Delegate…if any unit is interested in having

a speaker about the bond issue on the Nov. ballot at one of their meetings, talk to


• Lisa Majeski, Lincoln Co-President…Lincoln’s 100th

open house on 10/16

• Lakewood Division of Aging in desperate need of volunteers for meal deliveries

• Community Festival 9/7…Harrison PTA will have a table there

• Community meeting 9/11…district update, information about the bond issue

• Father walk 9/19 I

• It Can Wait! 9/19…drive for pledges online to not text and drive

• H20 fundraiser 9/26…Happy Hour Spa Night 7-10pm (I don’t know where, though!)

• Please update pages on district website

• Honor Project Trust-each PTA can register and apply for grants

• Kiwanis-Kristine spoke about PTA, they were very interested in partnering with PTA, not

just council but individual units, too

• New Ohio PTA login: OurSymphony, PTA2013

Officer’s Reports

Treasurer’s Report: Attached

• Motion by Katie Cooper: I move to accept the proposed 2013-2014 budget. Seconded by

Tracey Logan. Motion passes.

First Vice President Report: Attached

• Motion by Cindy Peck, Harrison PTA interim president: I move that we elect Jenny Beno

as 2nd

V.P. on council and Joanne Schwark as corresponding secretary. Seconded by

Katie Cooper. Motion passes.

Second Vice President’s Report: Attached

Recording Secretary: Attached

Corresponding Secretary: Joanne read 3 pieces of correspondence; she is working on the PTA directory,

looking over the social media policy

Standing Committees

Advocacy/Legislation: Deb Sweeney read through the Resolution to Support the Bond Issue and

Maintenance Levy (attached to agenda), much discussion

• Motion #1 by Katie Cooper: I move that we amend the resolution in the final sentence

to strike “units” and replace with “unit representatives.” Seconded by Christina

McCallum. Motion passes.

• Motion #2 by Matt Markling, Council Delegate from Grant: I move that we strike

“equipped with the latest technology.” Seconded by Christina McCallum. Motion passes.

• Motion #3 by Cindy Peck: I move that we vote on the resolution. Seconded by Matt

Markling. Motion passes.

Reminder from Deb that units cannot endorse individual candidates

• Health & Safety-no report

• Parliamentarian-on agenda

• Reflections-on agenda

• Scholarships-no report

• Ways & Means-no report

Special Committees

Audit Committee: (Katie Cooper, Maria Shinn, Katrina Holmes)-report attached

• Motion by Christina McCallum: I make a motion to accept the Audit Committee Report

presented by Maria Shinn. Seconded by Matt Markling. Motion passes.

New Business

Deb Sweeney and Matt Markling to serve on special committee to draft president-elect duties.

Meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.