All Pro Dad Fact Sheet


Launched in 1997 with the help of Tony Dungy, All Pro Dad gives men the resources and encouragement they need to become better fathers.  All Pro Dad is built on a football theme and features more than 60 NFL players, coaches and alumni who speak out on the importance of being a good father.


The All Pro Dad model is a simple one – it asks men to give one minute a day, one hour a month, and one day a year to become better fathers.

  • One minute a day to read the Play of the Dayemail…
    • Received by more than 77,000 subscribers Daily, the Play of the Day is the most widely read fatherhood email in the world.  Men can sign up to receive this free daily e-mail by clicking here.
  • One hour a month to start or attend an All Pro Dad’s Day breakfast…
    • There are currently over 1200 All Pro Dad’s Day Chapters at public schools in 45 states in nine countries, where more than 100,000 fathers and their kids gather on a regular basis to discuss topics like peer pressure, goal setting, and caring for the less fortunate.  Held in partnership with the National PTA, everything needed to start and run a chapter is available by going here.
  • One day a year to take part in an All Pro Dad Father & Kid Experience
    • Held at NFL venues nationwide, the Father & Kids Experience is an event filled with bonding, football and fun.  The All Pro Dad Father & Kid Experience has hosted more than 50,000 fathers and kids, in over 50 of these unique events since 2002 in 20 different NFL cities.  This event provides a fun and unique experience while passing along practical fatherhood advice at sold out events.

The Web site of All Pro Dad features Dungy’s Diary, the online blog of Tony Dungy,found here.


All Pro Dad Team Rosters:

Members include active NFL players, coaches, and retired NFL standouts.  For team member bios and general information about All Pro Dad, please go here.        



All Pro Dad is the fatherhood program of Family First, a national non-profit organization based in Tampa, FL.  The mission of Family First is to strengthen the family by establishing family as a top priority in people’s lives, and by promoting proven principles for building marriages and raising children.  The Family Minutedaily e-mail and radio feature offers practical advice on marriages, parenting and family relationships and reaches millions of listeners every week.

In addition to All Pro Dad, Family First’s motherhood program, iMom, is designed for mothers of all ages, with children at all stages, who want to build lasting, meaningful relationships with their children, as well as grow them into wise, healthy, purpose-minded and relationally-focused children.  iMom also offers iMom Morning, a before-school breakfast for moms and kids.


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