Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You
By Kristine Pagsuyoin, Council President

Welcome to the first issue of the Council Newsletter. It has been quite a busy start to a new school year, and I am very proud of all that has been accomplished by each PTA and the volunteers.  PTA is completely run by volunteers from the local level on up to the National level.  Volunteers are PTA.  The Lakewood Council of PTAs has also been busy and has experienced many firsts such as; the first Welcome Back to School Celebration, hosting the Ohio PTA District Leadership Conference, launching All Pro Dad in elementary PTA schools, and now introducing the Council Newsletter.
This year, Council put forth 3 goals; to be visible and communicate more effectively to the community and to the PTA members we serve, provide PTA members with a satisfying and positive volunteer experience in this Association, and to increase participation and diversity in our local PTAs.  The new Council Newsletter will help us deliver communication directly to Lakewood PTA members and community leaders, and better serve PTA units by fostering a unified PTA community by which ideas and experiences can be shared, events and programs will be better promoted, and members will have more opportunities to get to know each other and other schools in the district.  Plus, PTA will be better linked to the community and the Lakewood community to us.  Please feel forward each issue to potential PTA members or anyone who would like to know more about PTA.
This is your newsletter!  Council wants you to contribute with your articles, event information, insights, and especially photos.  View the newsletter as your personal tool to help you better serve every child and family at your school.   Submissions are due on the 20th of every month.  For the newsletter schedule, how to sign up new members, and additional ideas on how you can participate click on the Council Newsletter Guidelines & Tips.
There is much work to still be done and many new faces will be attending PTA meetings.  It is so important that we welcome each parent, grandparent, teacher, or student who wants to join this association with open arms.  As leaders of PTA, it is our job to find out how volunteers want to contribute, honor their work, and thank them—often.  People are busy and every person has a different story.  Some members are able to give many hours, but it is crucial to remember that the volunteer that can only give an hour is just as important.
Building relationships among volunteers will help all of us get to know each other and understand how PTAs can remain relevant in this ever-changing world. Get to know each other.  I like how Roosevelt took this idea to the next level by planning tailgate parties with other PTAs at the Lakewood High School football game.  In the works is a middle school/high school mixer being planned by the presidents of those PTA/PTSAs.  There are elementary PTA presidents planning outreach to the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA to get to know them better before children start kindergarten.  Invite other PTAs to your festivals and carnivals, dances, potlucks and family nights, and other socials.  There is much we can benefit form getting to know each other.
As we approach the holiday season, think of ways to use the December meetings (usually light) to get to know each other. We also would like to get to know you. Council would like to invite everyone to the Council meeting on December 4th (Harding Middle School at 7pm) for a holiday social.  We are always available to hear your ideas and answer your questions.  Contact information for the Executive Committee and Board will be in each issue.  We’ve put a name to a face with photos (see below). Check out the ladies of Council in this issue and feel welcome to contact us.
Thank you for the wonderful work you do for every child in the Lakewood school district.  I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving and magical winter holiday season.

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